Parents And Grandparents

My style journey began even before I was born, and it’s a tale filled with twists and turns. The story goes that on the way to the hospital, my parents had two names in mind – Eric Shawn for a boy and Babette for a girl. But destiny had other plans, and in the delivery room, Babette became Bobette, named after a beauty salon they passed on the way. So, I arrived home with a different name than I had before we left – a unique name tied to the world of beauty.

As I grew up, I couldn’t help but be inspired by my parents and grandparents’ sense of style. My mother was a vision of beauty, and I watched her every move from day one. My daddy, always dressed impeccably in a suit and hat, was a product of his environment where dressing for the day was a norm. Watching my mother get dressed with meticulous attention to detail became one of the joys of my childhood.

Style and fashion were in our family’s DNA. Even my father’s sister, Bette, modeled for Joseph Magnin’s, and I looked up to her with admiration. I spent my free time training, balancing a book on my head, and stretching my feet in her high heels, dreaming of becoming just like her. Bette even tried to convince my daddy to send me to modeling school, but it didn’t happen at that time.

Life took a turn when I became a single parent right after high school. However, it didn’t derail my dreams; it only fueled my style journey. I learned to work with a capsule wardrobe while living in San Francisco and shopping at factory stores. Later, I attended Beauty School, completing most of the required hours, and I left with no regrets, cherishing the valuable knowledge I gained.

Around the age of thirty-five, I decided to pursue my dream of being on television. Enrolling at Manikin Manor, the Fashion Institute in Sacramento, I entered the world of print and television in Northern California. For auditions, I did my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and my beauty school background came in handy. It was a time of hard work, balancing my roles as a mother and actress, but it all paid off with numerous gigs and opportunities.

Throughout my journey, beauty has followed me everywhere. I remember a day when I stopped traffic on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco while crossing the street on my way to an audition. Both a cabbie and a trucker insisted I go ahead, and that day, I booked 5 days on the movie set of Class Action.

Now, as I continue my style journey full force, I’ve realized it’s about more than just appearance. It’s about confidence, standing out, and embracing who we are. I’ve been quiet about my life in front of the camera, but I’ve decided to change that. I want to share my experiences and encourage women to be their fabulous best, celebrating every day as a special occasion. You’re all invited to join me in this journey, so make sure you dress for the party of life!