Stylist Services

The style transition technique (style energy) creates your vision board signature style that eliminates that not knowing what to wear and trying on of serval outfits before just settling.  


  • Style Consultation / style transition technique
  • Body Type Analysis
  • Color Analysis
  • Wardrobe Edit / Closet Detox
  • Style Check-Up


  • Virtual Workshops (20+ participants)
  • Style Coaching Groups (6-10 participants)
  • Vision Board Total Women Workshop

Closet Detox

Starting were you are at and first understanding that our feeling have nothing to do with the clothes in our closets, but everything to do with the past memories around them, their significance is with a past life; they have nothing to do with their fit or looking good on you. As a personal stylist I will help you put your best foot forward toward with doing a painful closet detox and style you for your future; designing you for your new lifestyle, for who you have set your goals to become. 

A Stylist Will Assist You With Defining Your Style

Finding your style transition technique will create a signature style that works for your new lifestyle.  As a personal stylist I will take you though a series of test and quiz’s design to help you find: 

  • 30 minute – Session 
  • Your Colors
  • Body Analyzes 
  • Master your image and personal style
  • Boost your confidence

Your style transition technique will teach you about what you look and feel great wearing everything in your closet.  Knowing what to mix and match nailing it every time, never again being overwhelme